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Back To The Beginning
Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date TBA
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Back To The Beginning is the first episode in Glee: A New Spotlight. It will focus on the older kids, the characters attending William McKinley High School. It will kick off the fan-fiction/spin-off.


School has just started and like it or not, the students are attending William McKinley High School. New students to pick on, new drama to start the year, new relationships, new drama, anything can go down.

Plot, Back To The BeginningEdit


  • Glee: A New Spotlight will be different that Glee. It will not feature songs.
  • The children of the Soul Talent alumni won't all bw featured in the first episode, Back To The Beginning (BTTB) will focus first on the high schoolers and will continue to throughout the rest of the story
  • There will be a gathering/Get-Together
  • You will be introduced to all the characters, but no everyone will have big roles